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Welcome to Waimea College

Thank you for considering Waimea College for your son or daughter. Enrol now to secure your place to excel!

Please Note - Enrolment Applications must be completed using a COMPUTER or LAPTOP, submissions WILL NOT come through correctly from a mobile phone.

For all enrolment information, including Zoning, please refer to our website https://www.waimea.school.nz/enrolment-and-zoning/

Before you start it is advisable to have the following documents saved as PDFs ready to attach:

  • Copy of NZ or Australian Birth Certificate or Passport if you have NOT previously attended a NZ School
  • If NOT a NZ or Australian citizen a copy of Passport, Student Visa and/or Residency Documents

  • Completed Subject Choice form for the relevant Year Level
  • Any other relevant documents, such as Bus Forms, Locker Forms, Sportspro Application etc (all available to download on our website) https://www.waimea.school.nz/enrolment-and-zoning/enrolling-at-waimea-college/ 

We acknowledge all online applications - if you have not had an acknowledgement email after a week please email enrolments@waimea.school.nz  

Enrolment Information

Starting Dates for 2024

Year 9 and all New Enrolments (any Year Level) start on Thursday 1 February 2024.

The student's academic year level at entry
Student Details

The College is required to confirm the residency and eligibility of all students.

If you answer NO to any of the following questions, please provide residency documents and /or a NZ Birth Certificate in the Attachments section:

Were you born in New Zealand?
Have you attended a New Zealand School?
Are you a New Zealand citizen?

First name
Middle name/s
Last name
Please enter the student's legal name as it appears on their Birth Certificate.
First name
Middle name/s
Last name
Select gender
The name of the school currently being attended
Residence A / Primary Contact Details*

All correspondence and attendance notifications will be sent to these contact details unless the College is notified otherwise.
Please tick the box if your child has a shared custody arrangement with the Primary and Secondary caregiver; that is regularly spends time with both caregivers. This means both caregivers will receive a copy of newsletters, reports and access to the online portal.

Please type your primary residence addresss in the above address search
Street number and name
Rural Delivery
Post Code

Residence A - Caregiver 1

e.g. dsmith@gmail.com
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Waimea College
Relationship to the student

Residence A - Caregiver 2

e.g. bsmith@gmail.com
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Waimea College
Relationship to the student
Please tick if the student resides at another address at times
Health Details

Medical Conditions

Please list any medical issues below of which the school should be aware.

Medical Treatment

Parents/Caregivers enrolling a student at Waimea College give permission for the administration of first aid by staff with First Aid Training.   Waimea College will give non-prescribed medication (according to the dosages specified) in emergency situations only.   A register is kept of the medication and treatment given.  Students who require non-prescription medication on a semi-regular basis are encouraged to provide their own supply which will be held in the College Reception for their use only.


Please indicate if you require the College to hold and/or administer medication for your student. If required, the College will make contact to confirm details and complete the necessary consent form/s.

Learning Concerns
Please indicate in the Additional Support Required section below any learning difficulties of which the school should be aware e.g. autism, dyslexia and attach copies of any relevant supporting documentation in the Attachments section.

List any medical problems including hearing, allergies and diagnosed conditions
List any additional learning support, needs or requirements this student may have
Emergency Contact

This will be used if we can’t get hold of the Primary or Secondary Caregiver.

Emergency Contact 1
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Waimea College
e.g. Grandmother
Emergency Contact 2
e.g. 03 123 4567
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. Grandfather

Documents to be provided:

  • Completed Subject Choice Form (for your Year Level)
  • Sportspro and/or Music Advanced form (if these have been selected as Year 9 options)
  • Completed Bus Information form (if travelling by bus)
  • Birth Certificate or Passport (if not previously enrolled at a NZ school)
  • If NOT a NZ or Australian citizen a copy of Passport, Student Visa and/or Residency Documents

Select only Images, PDFs or Word Documents.
Maximum file size: 8MB's
School Questions

The Ministry of Education requires the College to ensure that all students meet the requirements of the Waimea College enrolment scheme. Details of the scheme and description of the Waimea College Zone are available from the College Reception or on our website.

The College may require supporting evidence relating to the student’s address, and/or siblings identified.

Please identify the option below that applies to you.

Section A - Student lives INSIDE the zone

  1. The “home address” which I have provided under “Student Details” will be the “usual place of residence” of the named student when the school is open for instruction. If the “home address” is not yet known (or is different to the usual place of residence) refer to Section B.
  2. This address is inside the zone described in the Waimea College enrolment scheme.
  3. The student will be living at that address (when the school is open for instruction) with a person who is the parent or legal guardian of the named student.  If the student is boarding in the zone, go to Section B.

Section B - Student lives INSIDE the zone but circumstances are different to those listed above

In this situation, a parent or legal guardian must make an appointment for an interview with the Principal or a designated staff member.

Section C - Student lives OUTSIDE the zone

Please read below to determine which of the following priorities (one to six) applies to you.  If you require more information on this, please contact the College Reception.   You can also arrange for an interview if you are likely to be ‘in-zone’ by the date of first attendance.

1Applicant for enrolment has Special Education (ORS) funding.
2Applicants who are siblings of current students.
3Applicants who are siblings of former students.
4Applicant is a child of a former student.
5Applicants who are children of board employees.
6All other applicants.


Thank you for your application - we will be in contact shortly to complete the application process. If you do not hear from us within a week please email enrolments@waimea.school.nz